Interview: WYLD (fka "This.")


After switching his name and releasing his first single "Found You", we were able to get in touch with up and coming producer WYLD  and learn a little bit more about him and his work.


To start is off, where are you from? 

WYLD: I am from Guernsey (Channel Islands) but now I live in Manchester, UK.

And so what is the story behind the name change as an artist?

WYLD: At a festival I was doing some chatting with some people and about 3 of them asked if I had thoughts about changing my name from "This.” to something else (as it's either hard to find my music or explain what my name is on the radio). At the time I was in talks with my now label and they said that it would be a good time to do so to take it forward. I finally settled on "WYLD"; I don’t think there is a big meaning to it yet, but I like that it doesn’t give away the style of music before you listen to it.

That makes sense, it was definitely difficult finding you on the internet at times so the name switch seems to be very productive! So what can you tell us about your personal relationship with Jesus and how you relate it to the music you create?

WYLD: I think like any relationships it has its ups and downs. It's been a pretty rough two years, but during those times you learn a lot and I like to use those times in the music I write. Right now it's pretty good.  I use both good and bad times to help write and influence tracks. I have a selection of beats that I constantly write with and my mood will influence what type of track I make. I love so many genres of music and I love incorporating that into my music.

I have developed a great way of working with some amazing artists to help me get across what I want to say, I'm not a great lyricist but I know what I want to say. I have a notes folder on my phone in which I write down any phrases or themes I want to write about and then pad it out with bible verses or stories. I do all the production and design, so anything that I put out starts and finishes with me until I hand it over to the distributor; it means nothing will go out unless I am happy with everything.

That's amazing! It seems like you're creating a good-sized following and people are loving your sound.  Is there anything that those people can be looking forward to in the near future? 

WYLD: New music soon! The response to "Found You" has been amazing, so I am super excited to release some more singles. I'm also trying to be super creative in how I do merch and videos, so all of this is in planning but will happen in the near future, hopefully near the end of this year/next year.

Super excited to just be super creative and push some boundaries and maybe even get some things wrong, but I love that. I have the privilege of doing a job many people want to do so I want to make sure I give my all to it and maybe even help some other people achieve what they want to do too.

Well we are very excited to see what you come up with and I know others are as well.  Thank you for giving us your time and God bless! 

WYLD: Thank you as well, God bless!


Hear more of WYLD's past work here.  Stream the single "Found You" below or download on iTunes, Apple Music, or Spotify.

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