"Worship" a Blog By Diana Ceballos, Founder of Light & Grace


      Worship. What is the definition of worship? Well, Google defines it as "the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity." Some may define it as "that weird moment at church where people sing songs and lift their hands." Let's try looking at this in a new perspective! What if I told you that worship is really a posture?

1 Chronicles 16:29 "Give to the Lord the glory he deserves!Bring your offering and come into his presence.Worship the Lord in all his holy splendor."

      The word "worship" in this verse is actually translated into "shachah" (pronounced shä·khä')in the Greek. Most of us don't speak Greek so let me help you out. This word means to bow down, or to prostrate oneself. A quick Google search reveals to us that the word "prostrate" means, "lying stretched out on the ground with one's face downward."In other words, to worship is to lay stretched out on the ground with one's face downward. Have you ever seen someone or something in that posture? Physically and spiritually, this is a position of surrender or weakness. The difference is that when you are in this posture of worship spiritually, you are actually strong. You may say, "That makes no sense. You just contradicted yourself." Let me explain.Worship is not only to be practiced at church. This is something that we should carry every moment of our lives as believers in Jesus Christ. The truth is, many of us may have heard of this concept but it's still foreign to our hearts. We live in a world that teaches us to worship ourselves, our desires, our achievements, and our relationships. In other words, we idolize ourselves.

      When you live a life of constant worship to God, you have to place your face to the ground. Or you can say "you have to place your face where it is no longer what is seen by others." Like this, we give room for people to see the bigger picture, the face of the one that live inside of us. When we stop trying to make life about us, we get to show off the one that truly deserves the praise. This isn't very normal in our generation. It seems like society only knows one word... "me, me, me". Whether it is an Instagram filter or a Tweet, we want people to look at us and receive some sort of approval from them (whether we admit it or not). This is why we live in a time where insecurity is such a big problem. If we stopped focusing so much on ourselves and put our faces to the ground, we would notice that self-gratification was never the point of life. The true purpose of life is to surrender it! Don't believe me? Check out Matthew 10:39! It says, "Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." You find true life when you surrender it!That brings me to the next part of the "worship posture" which is lying stretched out on the ground. Follow me into my imagination where I try to paint a picture of this; I see something that didn't take much space being pulled to a place where it's no longer in its comfortable form anymore, a body being extended to its full capacity in order to reach something it was not able to reach. The awesome part about this picture is that whatever is being stretched isn't broken.You see, living a lifestyle of worship will make you look like this. You will feel uncomfortable. It's not always pretty.

      You won't look like you did before you started walking out this lifestyle. However, it will definitely take you to places you've never been before, you will reach things that you could never reach before and will be living out your full potential! I don't believe it's a coincidence that this is the way the Jesus died on the cross for you and I. He is the perfect picture of worship. From the beginning of his life until His last breath on Earth and even today, Jesus led and leads the way to a lifestyle of worship! Stretched out on a cross, surrendered to the will of God. However, you have to remember something on this journey... What is stretched isn't broken and those that humble themselves under the mighty hand of God will be exalted at the proper time (1 Peter 5:6).

      I challenge you to join me in asking God for the things or people that He wants us to surrender and where He wants to stretch us today. As we ask for this, remember that we find rest and life in worshiping God.

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