NBA First Round Draft Pick Justin Jackson Chooses to Glorify God With His Gift

Justin Kings.jpg

      The Bible describes the word “faith” in Hebrews 11:1 by saying ”now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  This distinct word describes the life and actions of recent 1st round NBA draft pick, Justin Jackson. Throughout his time at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and even in his new tenure with the Sacramento Kings, Jackson has been very vocal about his faith and how important it is in his life. His twitter bio reads, “I’m a Christ follower who’s in desperate need of my Savior, Jesus Christ, each and every day”. The commitment and dedication to his faith while being in the public eye is very inspiring.

      Jackson’s faith stemmed from his parents and Christian upbringing, but he quickly took ownership of his faith and made that evident during his high school and college days. In an interview with USA Today High School Sports in 2013, Jackson said, “the big thing for me is to show that you can be a big-time athlete and still live for Christ.” This strong statement made back in 2013 echoed throughout Jackson’s time at UNC-Chapel Hill and made him stand out as a man of character amongst his fellow NCAA peers. Jackson was quoted many times stating that the reason why he is playing basketball is to glorify God.

      The class and poise that Jackson conducted himself with in college spoke much of his character and integrity. It will be exciting to see how he advocates for the Kingdom of God with this new, larger, NBA platform.

Jake JamesComment