Keone and Mari Madrid Reflect Their Relationship With God and With Each Other Through Dancing


      You may have seen this married couple in Justin Bieber's video for "Love Yourself", or maybe even watched their performances on World of Dance. It's no question that this talented couple have made a name for themselves in the dance community. However, they have chosen to honor the name of Jesus Christ while doing so, which sets them apart from other prestigious dancers all around the world.

      Mari explained that when she first met Keone she had a respect for his faith, but it was not long after, her respect of Keone's unwavering faith turned into Mari herself developing a passionate love for her creator, similar to the love Keone had. In the first video below, you can get a glimpse of Mari's passion for the Lord as she dances to the song “Down to the River to Pray” by Alison Kraus. The couple is also known for choreographing solo and group dances to hip-hop music from several other Christian artists such as Trip Lee, Tedashii, and Dream Junkies. The second video below is a piece choreographed by Keone to the song "Be Me" by Tedashii.  

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