Faith-Based Apparel Brand Apostle & Harp Presents "The Tee Club"




      Apostle & Harp, a quality streetwear apparel brand, may be young but they are quite established!  After only launching their site in 2016, they have been on a mission to create fashionable clothing that empowers believers to be bold in their faith.  With their motto being "Devout. Stylish, Unashamed." their designs reflect just that.  With a modern, simplistic (yet attention grabbing) style that glorifies His name, believers can put their faith on display and look good while they are doing so.  

      Recently, Apostles and Harp has given an opportunity to all of its shoppers to join something they call "The Tee Club".  The Tee Club is essentially a membership where you can join to receive an exclusive t-shirt at the end of every month!  This membership costs as little as $29.99 a month and is available for cancellation whenever the subscriber chooses to do so.  Their website explains that those who join this club will receive a shirt every month that you won't be able to find anywhere else, not even their online store!  Also, those who choose to subscribe will receive a lifetime discount of 15% off on any and every product found within their store.  For more information on this club and how you can join it, check out their website at:


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