Enjoy The Rest of Your Summer With The Good Christian Music Blog's "Summer Party Mix"


      The Good Christian Music Blog (TGCMB) has gained quite the following since the launch of their Youtube channel and website.  TGCMB is a platform for all genres to be displayed in a fashion that makes it easier for the audience to discover new, quality christian music.

      TGCMB has been known to create playlists full of great music with a consistent vibe throughout the tracks.  The most recent playlist by them is titled "As In Heaven... An Upbeat Joyful Summer Party Mix", with a collection of worship music from all genres exhibiting a similar joyful/uplifting vibe.  Listen to the playlist below and follow along with the tracklist as well! 



0:00 Citizens & Saints - Father You Are All We Need (Chadwick Gardner Remix)

4:26 ANKA - How Great (Chance)

6:51 Marshall Marshall & Waves Collective - Shadows Fade

10:28 CASS - Don't Look Down (Feat. Blake Young)

13:52 Kaleb Mitchell & HXLY KXSS - End Of The Earth

17:14 Fresh Life Worship - Loved

18:28 Sean C. Johnson - Mountains

22:36 Montell Fish - More Of You

CASS - Silhouette

28:21 Chris Howland x Montell Fish x Sarah Juers - Holding Me Down

31:06 SPZRKT - Best Of Your Love

33:15 Kevmo - I'm There (Feat. Eris Ford) Chris Howland Mini Mix:

36:08 Chris Howland - Show Me Mellow Mix/Hype Mix Mashup

38:46 Chris Howland - The Martyr (Feat. Antoine Bradford)

42:30 Chris Howland - All Things

44:04 Hillsong Y&F - Where You Are (Reimagined)

47:45 Isla Vista Worship - So In Love

51:11 Brvndon P - Flight

53:20 Kings Kaleidoscope - I Know (HXLY KXSS Remix)

57:10 Gungor - Free (Feat. William Matthews)

VISIT THE GOOD CHRISTIAN MUSIC BLOG AT THEIR WEBSITE: https://www.thegoodchristianmusicblog.com/

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