Prime Eleven: The Brand You Need to Know


      Prime Eleven is an up-and-coming streetwear brand from Sacramento, California that is making waves in the fashion world. From it’s humble beginnings to recently being featured in Vogue UK (May-July 2017 issue), Prime Eleven is focused on bringing glory to God’s name through the fashion world. The meaning of the brand name, Prime Eleven, is “one faith”. Prime meaning “one or divisible by one” and Eleven (in numerology) means “strength or faith”. There are a plethora of products available on the Prime Eleven site (, ranging from shirts, hoodies, and bomber jackets to other fashion accessories like sneakers, hats, and glasses.


      We were able to get in contact with the founder of Prime Eleven, Ryan Chappell (@FADEDBLACK777), and ask him a couple of questions. Find the interview below:


What prompted the creation of Prime Eleven?

Ryan: “As a kid, I grew up around brands like Diamond Supply, The Hundreds, Stussy, etc., but I was never able to afford them. One day in middle school I decided that because I couldn’t buy a t-shirt for $35, I’d make one of my own that was similar. Prime Eleven started on August 17, 2015.”


What do you believe the purpose of message of your brand is?

Ryan: “The purpose I serve is to be a messenger. I feel like a lot of people have a different view of Christianity, one that is distorted. My latest pieces (and all my future pieces) all have a meaning either directly related to the Bible or a lesson that God taught me. I want people to be able to wear my brand whether you’re a Christian or not. I feel like most of my pieces have multiple meanings (like the Bible), and the way you take it is up to you and your faith.”


What are some things to be on the lookout for, regarding Prime Eleven?

Ryan: “Look out for new shoes, more cut/sew, accessories, collabs with other underground brands (which I’m really excited for), and things that have never been made before… new concepts.”



Follow Prime Eleven on Instagram and visit their website as they will be releasing new gear as their Fall Releases approach.

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