AsCedByMe: A Vlog About "Faith, Family, Football & Film" by Cedric Thompson

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     After an incredible 4 year experience playing safety for the University of Minnesota, Cedric Thompson was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2015.  Over the last two years, he has been all over the place.  After being released from a few teams due to contracts, injuries and various other reasons, Cedric is now a free agent in the NFL.  In the midst of the transitions within the NFL, Cedric and his wife, Charlotte Thompson, recently had their first child.  As chaotic as life may seem for them recently, Cedric and his wife stay grounded in their faith and continue to look to God for their next move.  Follow them on their journey as they seek the Lord and His will for their lives by subscribing to Cedric's YouTube channel, AsCedByMe.

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